Zoé Schick

Zoé Schick - Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Honey, It’s Summer Every Day - Rediscovering Your Inner Child – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

“Honey, It’s Summer Every Day – Rediscovering Your Inner Child” is a collection on happiness and the authentic self. Taking the carefree feelings of summer and claiming that this season is never to end, this collection celebrates nature and life. Summer stands as a metaphor for never ending love and contentment. By seeing and wearing this collection, may viewers be animated to rediscover their Inner Child and find ways to experience summer-like happiness all year around. It is its naive simplicity with which this work is to be serendipitous to beholders.

The designer hopes to encourage embracing and seeing value in one‘s emotions, to have the beholder realize “happiness is now”, and defeat the misconception of listening to one’s Inner Child, meaning one is being immature. Upon viewing the collection, one is to love the moment by feeling happiness as joyous as the idea of an eternal summer and as untroubled as the liberties of one’s Inner Child. When wearing the pieces, persons are to feel carefree as if plunged into a world of their own – a playground of their mind – where nothing is forbidden and judgment is a foreign concept.

The touch of the fabric is to bring them back to their favorite childhood sweater, the costume they used to dress up in, or the piles of laundry in which they used to wallow. May they run their fingers across the fabric’s surface following the simple, silly patterns. Multiple layers and different fabrics are to encourage movement: The lifting of legs, a spin of the torso, the swing of an arm, a grasp of fabric, a hop, a jump, and before they even know it, they took off running. Dancing.

To Zoé Schick – the German-American designer with Haitian roots- designing means capturing a moment, an emotion, in a piece of dress and creating a storyline to the garment. A child-like emotionality runs through each and every one of her pieces. She carries within herself a sense of wonder; a romantic view of the world around her: What she considers an eternal summer. Rediscovering the Inner Child, to her, means reconquering her femininity and redefining the message it sends. Returning to the point in time when that specific connection to her Inner Child was initially lost due to mockery and societal judgment, made her re-encounter the immature, the vulnerable, further shame, but also simple joys and forgotten dreams.

Credits – Photograf: @ohheycarolyn Make-up: @creativebyelliot Models: @l12e5n14n14a1r18t20 @_issues_everywhere @ohmwth @lola.wdt @yannickschroeger @paul_vic @creativebyelliot @vndoped (indeedmodels) @jasonfeijro (modelwerk) @celcelofficial (IZAIO) Hélène (IZAIO) Kindima (Seeds)