Sophie Mathes

Sophie Mathes - Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

WOKE VINTAGE – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

WOKE VINTAGE is a womenswear collection embracing vintage fashion and its relevance in today’s society. The collection deals with the fusion of old and new, past and present.

Working exclusively with dead-stock fabrics old materials become sustainable and contemporary statements. Classic pieces were put in a modern context where clean lines exist next to playful details. While romanticized elements and versatile silhouettes play with the current interest in nostalgia and a longing for individuality missing buttons, belt loops and open hems remind of the beauty of used items that make pieces unique.

Screen prints and knitted pieces complement the collection. The traditional houndstooth pattern was modified into sketched scribbles representing the modern and fast-paced world we live in today. In contrast, the knitting pattern stands for delicacy and fragility of secondhand pieces.

Due to my background in tailoring it was important for me to concentrate on good craftsmanship as quality and longevity play an essential role in the industry.

With an eye for aesthetics and trends I love to see fashion as a way of always reinventing and rethinking. Working with ‚old‘ and new inspirations the combination of Zeitgeist and Vintage allows ideas to get a unique and special twist.

WOKE VINTAGE is about sustainability and conscious consumption without losing fun, variety and individuality in fashion.

Credits: thx <3 photographer Mina Aichhorn | photo assistant Paul Skulimma | models LEVAN @Iconic Management ANNA @Mirrrs Models | make up Paloma Brytscha | hair Rabea Röhll | shoes Juno Juno Shop | fashion Sophie Mathes