Patricia Díaz Soto

Patricia Díaz Soto - Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft Hamburg

A METONYMY OF SURVIVAL - POPULAR – Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft Hamburg

The Metonymy of Survival

Under which circumstances does creativity happen? How do challenging circumstances affect innovation?

I explore and examine through my own cultural experience and with the method of metonymy the process of design. Metonymy is a figure of speech used in literature. The word means a transit into something new, but still in correlation to the original word. The Metonymy of Survival is about giving new meaning to pre-existing objects while regarding crisis as the driving force of creativity. Therefore, it is opening a room for experiments where a conscious approach helps to extrapolate creative ideas from real live observations. In my case the pre-existing objects are derived from Cuban culture and their way of crisis solving. I focus on the reinterpretation of scraps or leftovers. Taking what’s already there and putting it in a new context.

Following this path, I am analysing how crisis affects the way we look for new solutions by transferring existing knowledge into new fields and putting in it in a context of fashion.

About Me

I am Patricia Díaz Soto, I just finished my studies in Fashion Design in the HAW Hamburg. Humankind and their behavior have always been a curiosity of mine. I find that Fashion is an immediate refection of humans as social creatures. This makes this subject so interesting and revealing to me. I love to observe, and later try to translate what I see into my own work. This is one of the driving forces in my line of work, thus it could transit into any other creative field.

Credits – Mode: Patricia Díaz Soto, Fotograf*in: Nikol Dankova, Models: Rody Nawezi