Nirvan Khodabandeh, BA

Nirvan Khodabandeh, BA - AMD Akademie Mode & Design

Unsustainable Propaganda – AMD Akademie Mode & Design

My collection reflects the pressing need to address sustainability in the fashion industry and the military. With an avant-garde approach that emphasizes the anti-establishment motif, the collection combines workwear elements with classic elegance to meet the demands of high fashion. Each look tells a fascinating story and makes strong individual statements.

A central thread runs through the collection, ensuring a coherent aesthetic and promoting ensemble consistency. The carefully coordinated selection of colors, materials and designs ensures that each look has its place within the overall work.

The collection combines provocative workwear elements with timeless elegance, appealing to those who go against mainstream trends and honoring those who seek creativity and uniqueness in their wardrobe.

Each outfit is an artistic masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of convention and brings a touch of rebellion to the world of fashion. Beyond the presentation of garments, the collection tells stories and conveys a clear message for change and diversity in the fashion industry.

Fotograf: Nirvan Khodabandeh, Paul Kadjo, Ebrar Gündüz
Models: Ricardo Reyes, Shaline Edles, Emmanuela Mununkum, Daniel Igenura