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Träume – Der Einfluss des Unterbewusstseins auf die Identität als Inspiration zur Herstellung einer Bekleidungskollektion – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Träume – Der Einfluss des Unterbewusstseins auf die Identität

Dreams – The influence of the subconscious on identity

The topic of the thesis is my dream diary, that i wrote over the time from May 2020 to December 2021. During the research time I dealt with the history of dream analysis, different theories regarding the origin and function of dreams and whether dreams can fulfill a role in modern therapy. I came to the conclusion, that dreams are indeed a good basis to get to know a patient more than just from a talk. To analyse ones dreams is like getting a second perspective on the issues that one is dealing with. Also dreams are narratives and people are learning through narratives, so the dream could be somehow a source to understand the everyday life even better and organize the daily impressions in waking life. Many artists, film makers and designers use the dream content for their inspiration and so did I.

I wrote down approximately 30 to 40 dreams and tried to analyse the different contents of those. For analysing I used methods of association and talked with people that know me well about what they think the dream contents meaning could be. Also I tried to find some similarities or motives in the different dreams. For example, one picture I often experienced was my teeth falling out. This can stand for concerns about the financial situation or the fear of loss. For me it was the fear of loss and the fear of „being a loser“ itself. After analysing the dreams, many of them were quite short and did not tell me very much. But I got to the point where I had about 15 dreams which contained similarities as well as vivid plots, strong symbolism and cinematic storytelling.

I decided to draw one „frame“ for each of those dreams to catch the mood of every dream. The drawings were the inspiration for my sketches and I wanted to bring in some of the symbols from my dreams. You often find eyes as a symbol for „seeing things from a different perspective“ and in one dream eyes played a special role as well. Also I brought in the teeth i mentioned before. Another symbol ist he collapsing helicopter, which was a symbol for the fear of getting nowhere or failing and the question where my journey is taking me. The main goal for me ragarding the collection, was building it without taking inspiration from my surroundings but just from my own mind. The collection contains 15 pieces combined in 6 looks.


My name is Mario van den Broek. I was born and raised in the north-west of Germany and I started studying fashion design in Leipzig. In 2019, I moved to Berlin and started my studies at HTW. My work is mainly inspired by my own state of mind and self-healing processes, as you can see in my bachelor thesis where I analyzed my own dreams. One of my main goals is to only take inspiration from myself, as far as it’s possible, not looking at big fashion labels or trends because I try to create something that is individual and does not seem copied.

A more aesthetical influence for my work is my love for movies from which I take inspiration for the feelings I want to transmit with my clothing. When looking at my collections, you will often find oversized cuts, different prints, mixed materials and applications. Also I often bring in elements, which were not intended at first but were built in the process. The intention of my work is to create art rather than creating a product.


Mein Name ist Mario van den Broek. Ich bin im Nordwesten Deutschlands geboren und aufgewachsen und habe mein Modedesignstudium in Leipzig begonnen. Im Jahr 2019 zog ich nach Berlin und startete mein Studium an der HTW. Meine Arbeit ist hauptsächlich von meinem eigenen Gemütszustand und Selbstheilungsprozessen inspiriert, wie man in meiner Bachelorarbeit sehen kann, in der ich meine eigenen Träume analysiert habe. Eines meiner Hauptziele ist es, mich so weit wie möglich von mir selbst inspirieren zu lassen und mich nicht an großen Modelabels oder Trends zu orientieren, denn ich versuche, etwas zu schaffen, das individuell ist und nicht kopiert wirkt.

Ein eher ästhetischer Einfluss für meine Arbeit ist meine Liebe zu Filmen, von denen ich mich für die Gefühle inspirieren lasse, die ich mit meiner Kleidung vermitteln möchte. In meinen Kollektionen finden Sie häufig Oversize-Schnitte, verschiedene Drucke, gemischte Materialien und Applikationen. Oft bringe ich auch Elemente ein, die zunächst nicht beabsichtigt waren, sondern erst im Laufe des Prozesses entstanden sind. Die Intention meiner Arbeit ist es, eher Kunst zu schaffen als ein Produkt zu kreieren.

Credits – Photograf: Hussein Hayek, Make-up Artist: My Sophie Peth, Models: Angelo Demi, Akim Bello-Osagie, Azura Barber, CharlieTrawny, Janosch Balogh