Marc Raquet, BA

Marc Raquet, BA - Hochschule Hannover

THE PROTAGONIST Commuting Performance Apparel – Hochschule Hannover

Since we started our Fashion design & Product design studies at the Hochschule Hannover in 2018 Marc & me grew a strong friendship and working partnership. While moving into a shared flat for the study years, we experienced an outstanding cooperative spirit. Complementing each other in a dynamic exchange of emotional and rational, a bit like ying and yang. After a few years of living and working together, we first decided to combine our experiences for the 6th semester and continued with that for the coming academic years. Our interdisciplinary bachelor thesis combines our design languages, shared interest in function in the streets of the cities of the future, our strengths in apparel- & product design and our optimism for a better future that we can create through some awareness of innovation.

The Protagonist – Commuting Performance Apparel The Protagonist addresses the missing link for innovation in modern commuting environments. An 18-piece collection that visualizes and manifests our vision of city living in a utopian future. Breaking through a minimalist facade, unfolding awareness of innovation in the functional use of a mechanical core, concealed within an organically constructed shell. The technical silhouette was developed for the ever-changing demands of future urban living. This concept collection represents our passion for collaborative creation, discovering new perspectives and co-creating in a movement.