Lola Kalandiia, MA

Lola Kalandiia, MA - Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Dogma: perfect human – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

The dogma of the „perfect human being “metaphorically implies a „conception of human being“ that is relevant today.

The principle of this essay focuses on the problem of the modern man with his new values, desires, and perspectives that began to take shape at the beginning of January 2020 and continue to take shape today.

The modern human being is an individual on the verge of personal existence and apocalyptic, crisis times, who has migrated from a comfortable mobile and coordinated life into the chaos of the world. This human being has entered a completely unknown new projection of his being.

This work is inspired existentialism, the authenticity, modern digitization and archetypes of Christianity as the house, the human being, the tree. How these factors work together and how the individual changes under the influence of these aspects. The main task of the designer is to realize the concept of the present time and to further realize it in visual images.

The main challenge in this work was to create objects of high aesthetic value, to develop specific textures by mixing experimental materials and details with traditional, high-quality textiles, to create sculptural, graphic, yet delicate works with intricate detail. In this work, by rendering through textures, the aim was to depict the trends of the latest developments in the world as minimally and concisely as possible.

The textures of the materials in this collection have an imaginative and symbolic content. Space blankets as well as helicopters harness in this collection that were used in real life in the army before as a symbol of solidarity with my country – Ukraine in this war time.

The pieces are made of combinations of experimental materials such as and military harness helicopters and parachutes with organza, chiffon, cotton, wool and velvet.