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Kyra von Stromberg - Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

SI|CoE – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

SI|CoE – Collection

With our modes of being still shaped by outdated notions of togetherness, the collection SI|CoE addresses the issue of “couples’ privilege“. Coupled being the preferred model of relations in our society, aiding socio-economic and cultural inequality to this day. Seamlessly mixing utilitarianism with couture and street-wear with work-wear, the SI|CoE collection is a statement. An attitude. Being one in a society of two. Our body is in constant flux. Made to fit all ages, sizes and genders, the timeless pieces are designed to adapt to our individual shape and form. Each item has its own innovative modifying mechanism. Only the most outstanding materials – mohair, leather, and natural fibers – are used.

Textiles that mimic the array of human sensitivities – from delicate to supreme. The inventiveness and versatility of the collection as well as the chosen materials support and promote sustainability, focusing on high-quality, long-lasting garments. Convinced that fashion is a recording mechanism of social and cultural currents, the SI|CoE collection aims to propel the collectively rising principles of inclusivity, longevity, and fluidity. It is a testimony of personal irreverence towards fashion genres and normativity.

Designer Bio

Kyra von Stromberg is a Berlin-based fashion and costume designer. With a background in Cultural Studies and Aesthetics, she has acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design at HTW Berlin, graduating with honors in 2021. Having collected over six years of experience in the fashion industry, her perfectionism and meticulous attention to detail comes front and center. Working for prominent brands & studios like PEERETSCHAAD and O32c, she has gained command of an exhaustive amount of techniques of the craft – machine knitting, pattern making, tailoring, and prototyping.

Far beyond vapid consumerism and fast-food fashion, decoding trends & elaborating on multipurposeness of singular items is the aim. Her stylistic expression and interactive designer pieces call for participation. Keeping fashion separate from pop culture was once an aspiration. To be relevant today, fashion has to mirror it – its formats, themes, personalities, and values. Knowing there is little worse than taking fashion seriously, she makes costumes for independent movies and theatrical projects – turning creative expression into a game of pretend and makebelieve. At the moment, she is focused on transforming her obsession with leather and handbags into business, building up her signature brand around urban couture accessories. Where critical thinking meets fashion, her designs are equally guided by rule and reason as by instinct and quirk. With strong-willed characters in mind, immaculate craftsmanship, and with an unflinchingly modern approach, she proposes a different perspective on design — dissection, deconstruction & making sense of things. And there must be fun.

Credits – Photography: Nina Berfelde, Model: Charlotte Seebeck