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Kristin Amendt - Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

PSYCHE-O-PATH – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin


The collection „PSYCH-O-PATH“ by LASZIVIAR consists of 6 looks, each of it is intended to transmit a primary emotion to the viewer in its strongest intensity (according to Plutchik’s „wheel of emotions“). Each emotion-look has a polarizing one, resulting in 3 polarizing pairs of emotion-looks: ecstasy vs. grief; terror vs. rage; loathing vs admiration. Through the application of Osho’s emotional transcendence, each of the 3 emotion-pairs transmitted to the viewer should cancel each other out and thus trigger a lack of emotion.

The aim of the collection is to visualize a form of emotional self-therapy for the viewer in order to stay in their minds because of it’s extremes – whether positive or negative. To express real emotions to the viewer, I putted myself into the most intense emotions and visualized my feelings while feeling them. When I wasn’t able to do that, I recorded myself and visualized from there afterwards. That’s the reason why the collection is designed in a very personal way and visualizes every emotions in the way I’m seeing and feeling them.

PSYCHE-O-PATH is a very dramatic, majestic, avantgardistic, but also futuristic collection that is genderless and therefore wearable by anyone who wants to put themselves in the spotlight. The wearer of the collection should attract everyone’s attention – they should feel sexiness, pride, strength and uniqueness and thus be the center of attention with their appearance in order to be THE main character. The collection includes: strong, handcrafted Haute Couture pieces, occasionally RTW pieces, knitwear & sustainable 3D printed accessories; sustainable printed fabrics, upcycled pieces; many different textures and fabric manipulations.

LASZIVIAR is a brand that creates a hybrid of big, established fashion trends with its design language. The pieces are gender-independent, made for self-confident and strong people that are able to dare something and love to stand out from the conservative crowd. LASZIVIARS‘ target group is part of the LGBTQI+ community and/or actively supports it. LASZIVIAR is not only a brand, it’s a movement against conservatism and intolerance against marginalized groups of any kind – it’s a safe space for everyone who’s different and wants to be heard and seen.

ABOUT: LASZIVIAR (Kristin Amendt)

Kristin Amendt aka Lasziviar founded her brand of the same name „LASZIVIAR“ during her studies in 2019, with which she is currently working as a freelance designer, stylist and make-up artist. Her greatest source of inspiration is the complex world of emotions and the human psyche: „The fashion industry is so toxic that almost everyone forgets how important a mentally stable psyche is for themselves and those around. I mean, in a way, fashion can create a very toxic and deconstructive emotional wall that you can just hide behind from the outside world. But at the end of the day, we take off every single piece, let the protective wall fall – and then we are all the same again – the only thing that remains is our physical and mental health.“

The aim of LASZIVIAR is, to represent a kind of emotional stabilizer in the fashion industry for everyone, far away from it’s toxic preconceptions. Lasziviars‘ design language consists of an interplay of established fashion trends like avant-gardism, fetishism, futurism etc., which end up together as new fashion-hybridal showpieces. One of the most important aspects of every collection is her craftsmanship: Draped and hand-sewn pieces, knitwear, fabric manipulations, 3D prints and much more give the brand its uniqueness. A mix of different materials and an interplay of 2D & 3D haptics are also part of the design language of the brand.

In addition, LASZIVIAR tries to work as sustainable as possible. The goal for the future is to create her exciting and inspiring creations in a completely sustainable way. LASZIVIAR is not only a person or a brand, it’s a movement against conservatism and intolerance against marginalized groups of any kind – it‘s a safe space for everyone who’s different and wants to be heard and seen.

Credits – Design & Styling: Kristin Amendt, 3D printed accessories (modeling & manufacturing): Vincent Schönborn, A rising lights production, Executive Producer: Joshua P. Hütter-Quaas, Producer: Dan Mudersbach, Creative Director: Vincent Schönborn, Photography Editorial Shoot: Milena Zara, DOP & Director 3D-Film: Sage Morei, Graffer: Eyad Alshaar, Make-up Artist: Benny Benice, Models: Daniela Dominique, Inna Kozak, Lina Aures, BAE.CON, Sofie Aigner, Maymuna Humais, Assistants: Julia Ignatova, Loisa Liebchen, Helpy Hands: Johanna Heiken, Melina Zippelt, Lennart Schrötz