Klara Kazani

Klara Kazani - AMD Akademie Mode & Design

married to my body – AMD Akademie Mode & Design

About me:

The drive and inspiration for my designs has always been a curiosity to dive deep into various topics of the zeitgeist. What I love about design is abstracting elements from elaborative research and reinventing them through my vision in functional, meaningful, and wearable items. Fashion is the communication and visual information we wear. I find it a powerful medium to voice opinions and messages, a way to contribute to bettering the world we live in.

As an Albanian woman, coming from a family that has experienced the hardships of communism, I have learned up close how people use fashion “uniforms” to confirm their social status, something that is strongly present today as well. I have always found it interesting to develop clothes that people can relate to and express themself, without them being tied to a certain social or economical hierarchies. Making clothing a meaningful recreative investment, instead of something you want to wear just for the upcoming months, is definitely something I want to achieve in my professional career.