Kendra Mairin Lüders

Kendra Mairin Lüders - AMD Akademie Mode & Design

RE | ACTION – Fashion and Politics – AMD Akademie Mode & Design

RE | ACTION by LUEDERS – fashion and politics in one product – reflects the community spirit of society and its mindset during times of crisis. Crises provoke restructuring and improvements of existing systems. Social policy gains in importance. In doing so the individual plays a significant role in society. An existential crisis like a pandemic may produce new behavioural patterns. The individual is confronted with an inner conflict between egoism and community spirit. One is asked to position oneself and to take action on contributing to the community. Moreover, this leads to an inward looking to the „important things of life“ and appreciation of non-material aspects. Society is multi-layered and comprise a diversity of people, who move closer together towards a collective big picture. The resulting corporate feeling releases an impulse to jointly achieve something and together overcome the crisis. DESIGN CONCEPT – The collection combines several style elements. Delicate Patch work techniques symbolise social cohesion and community spirit in a diverse society. The layering look underlines the support of people. There are variants to button and unbutton an additional garment layer to demonstrate being open to give and take. Knitting stands for a feeling of security and heartiness of society. Dead stock, recycled and GOTS / OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified fabrics emphasis the sustainability approach. The collection picks up traditional silhouettes for timelessness as the whole topic has a historical relation. The colour palettes have a nostalgic character with rough accent of blue and grey to outline the importance of the subject. Printed tags with profound questions stitched into the garments effect to question and reflect oneself. Theses tags are active media that people rethink their mindsets. RESPONSIBILITY – In my life I have been always looking for the deeper sense in what I am doing. During my fashion design study, I have questioned myself to what extend I could transfer this personal value into my work in fashion. Responsibility and sustainability start with the idea and the design process. RE | ACTION is the concept to give fashion an added value and sustainable meaning that goes beyond a pure aesthetic point of view. Fashion should influence politics and society for turning the world into a better place.