Katharina Schumacher

Katharina Schumacher - AMD Akademie Mode & Design

GÖTTINNEN. Das weibliche Gefühl von Sicherheit. – AMD Akademie Mode & Design

DISCRIPTION For this work the feeling of femininity and safety should be core motivation. Therefore, seven ancient greek goddesses were used as a main source of inspiration – Hera, Aphrodite, Athena, Hestia, Persephone, Demeter, Artemis –. Every goddess has their own attributes and characteristics. For example, Artemis, which is known as goddess of the hunt. With her impulsive and belligerent way she was integrated in the collection by using fabric manipulations, specific tailoring details, and painting on the fabric reflecting her characteristics. Every outfit is mainly represented by one particular goddess, but in the end all seven of them inspired the whole design process together. Focusing on empowering parts of emotional healing the collection became sensual strong and harmonious. Fashion is one of the most important means of communication. Facing such uncertain times, this work should inspire to more personal grows, self-acceptance and tolerance and respect towards others. Everyone deserves emotional and physical safety. BIOGRAPHY To create fashion and visual art you must open your mind and feel the world around you with all your senses. Katharina Schumacher is a Fashion Design graduate with an emotional approach and an attention to harmony and details. Born and raised in Bavaria she found comfort in art and creating things early on. During her studies she discovered her love for the whole process of designing. For her fashion is a way to communicate on multidisciplinary levels.