Julian Stamm, BA

Julian Stamm, BA - AMD Akademie Mode & Design

The Unknown – AMD Akademie Mode & Design

As long as humans have existed, we have been in search of knowledge and through that there is nothing as alluring as the unknown and forbidden. It is human nature to try and understand the world around us. The following text and the subsequent collection are an attempt to understand different perspectives of the biggest unknown in human history. Death. What happens after it? That question has been asked by almost every human at some point. Different cultures have different answers and rituals about it. The focus is on Norse mythology, Greco-Roman Mythology and Christianity..


Photographer: Thilo Swora (Instagram @tttthilo)

Hair+makeup: Yana Nikolova (Instagram @yana.nikolova218)

Male Model: Malte von Holtum (Instagram @malteerikvonholtum)

Female Model 1: Laura-Maria Bossow (Instagram @highlige_maria)

Female Model 2: Nadine Deininger (Instagram @naastynad)