Isabella Johner

Isabella Johner - Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

SHE – Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

The graduation collection SHE sees a collection as an „arrangement“ and focuses on an elegant, feminine design. The classical and timeless aspect of the „silk scarf“ with its sensual and light character, forms the main component of the collection and display in printed, variabel drape-elements.

These draped-elements appear in variable shapes onto outerwear, pullovers, as a top or a dress, throughout the entire collection. This intriguingly open approach to the silken scarf aspect allows flexible and compatible arrangement options for the silhouettes.

The collection consists a total of 37 pieces, 24 garments and 13 accessoires, to create an agility on the „horizontal dimension“ in the arrangement of the pieces. To support the sensuality of the silk scarf topic, I elaborated an individual approach for digital printing throughout the process of the collection.

It takes place in the photo studio, where chosen objects or material swatches of interesting qualities are arranged in intuitive ways and to result in a photo file for digital printing. This process is sensual and analog, but provides the flexible characteristics of the digital printing. The selection of the outfits only shows a fraction of the elaborated motives for the digital printing. The individual approach to the digital printing combines effortlessly with the variable drape-elements and result in the refined and elegant allure of the collection SHE.

Über mich:

Isabella Johner absolvierte ihre gesamte Ausbildung zur Modedesignerin an der Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee mit einem Schwerpunkt auf Farbe und Formsprache in gezielt sehr offenen Gestaltungsprozessen. Während ihres Studiums durfte sie ihren vielfältigen Interessen für Malerei und Grafikdesign Raum geben, welche heute tragende Einflüsse in ihrer modeschöpferischen Gestaltung sind.

Im Modebereich konnte Sie wertvolle Erfahrungen in Tel-Aviv sowie Berlin sammeln. Zurzeit lebt und arbeitet sie in Berlin.