Emely Wensky

Emely Wensky - AMD Akademie Mode & Design

Can we still dream? – AMD Akademie Mode & Design

Can we still dream? The collection ‚Can we still dream?‘ is asking how much escapism one can allow in order to live a happy life and how much dystopia one has to be confronted with in order to change the world through positive activism. What’s the balance between actively engaging with negative news and having the desire to escape reality? Dystopian and utopian places are contrasted by an idyllic family live: Melting ice at the antarctic and giant artificial grow house fields in Spain versus the sanctuary of a home that protects from the outside world. Those contrary places are referenced through circular shaped cutouts, gatherings, as well as curved seems. A print is developed by a scenery in nature also picks up fluid forms. Furthermore garments that are worn on festive family occasions are referenced through tailoring elements. The aim of this collection is to empower people to get more aware of their political, environmental and social responsibility. Working as sustainable as possible through reusing tablecloth, natural dyeing techniques and recycled fabrics has high priority. The most important element is self developed bioplastic that is mainly made out of tapioca starch. It is organic, recyclable and can be mold into new shapes through reheating it. The material is very flexible and is slightly transparent and creates an innovative sustainable surface. About me: In my work I get inspired by social and environmental issues that I try to make easily accessible for a bigger audience. Finding sustainable solutions such as self-developed bioplastic is very important to me. Aside from that I’m interested in developing very process orientated collections. Therefore I’m deeply investigating through experiments in the field of fabric manipulations, print development, bio materials and natural dying techniques. Especially my Erasmus exchange at the ‚London College of Fashion‘ has thought me lot in in creating conceptual work.