Danata Shaikenova

Danata Shaikenova - AMD Akademie Mode & Design

Did I? (Dissociative Identity Disorder) – AMD Akademie Mode & Design


Growing up, my parents urged me to focus on sports. At the time I didn’t understand why it was so important for them; I just wanted to play like any normal kid. But in retrospect, I realize their expectations were incredibly intense – almost as if they were trying to live out some dream through me. This created immense pressure, leading me to dissociate myself from others (and most importantly – myself) and eventually develop dissociative identity disorder (DID). The intense way I was instructed from the very start of my athletic career not only forced me to dissociate myself from positive emotions and continue pushing through physical and mental drain but may contributed to DID. As a child, instead of channelling my energy into finding joy in sports, I was too preoccupied with the stress caused by trying to fulfil the demands of my parents. Dissociating while engaging in athletics became a behaviour deeply ingrained in me. It’s all so heartbreakingly ironic at how my DID developed from what was meant to be healthy childhood activity. After enduring two years of psychotherapy, I managed to release myself from this weight that had been sapping away at my morale for so long. Now, I want to help others take control over their DID and make sure this problem is not overlooked or misdiagnosed by those unaware of it. Life afforded me the opportunity for peace and tranquility, and that is something I want everyone to experience regardless of the circumstances they face.

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…26, is originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan. She specializes in women’s wear and deconstruction. She is constantly searching for new shapes, combining sportswear and elegance, with the ultimate quest for beauty, which she believes is always objective.