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SOLANGISM – AMD Akademie Mode & Design


In the SOLANGISM universe, attire has a surreal, young craftiness to it while serving a higher vision of a sustainable fashion industry. The collection is built around the idea of looking within and thereby assuring an ecological future. Zero-Waste Patterns, preloved clothing and deadstock fabrics assure that no new ressources have been used for this collection. Teaming up with Lebenskleidung this collection has been supported with high quality deadstock fabrics such as GOTS-certified organic cotton and TENCEL™.
This collection is a clear approach that strives to counteract the current consumerism. While analysing social behaviors of consuming goods as if they are mere objects it has become obvious that to turn this ship around we have to humanize clothes and emotionalize items. Fashion will only flourish through technologies like Meta and AI if the industry is able to form a strong connection with buyer. Each look refelcts a way of connection and sparks emotions through assigned smell, sound and visuals. The variety of materialities like denim, mohair, sheep wool, angora nd lace widens the sensory experience through touch. The human experience of shopping has been marketed solely through looks for way too long, eventhough scientists have proven senses like smell, sound to be far more triggering.
SOLANGISM sets 3 bases of how people connect to the outer world:
Love, Pain and Brain. Through further analysis it becomes apparent: Connecting through Love may happen through Bonding or Sharing. Pain is able to build a connection when we share our Scars and Fears. Our brain pays attention to memories and senses around us. Bond. Share. Scar. Fear. Record. Sense. Six moods, different in themselves, yet a great wake up call to realize that solutions donʻt have to be more complex than that.