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Eiríkur Erlingsson was born in 1994 in Reykjavík, Iceland. He became interested in fashion as a young child when he would twirl around in his older sister’s competitive dancing dresses. He studied English and Psychology at the University of Iceland before deciding to pursue his true passion in the field of arts. He is passionate about pattern making and sewing. Because the fashion industry is one of the leading polluting industries on our earth, Eiríkur would like to focus on making high-quality garments that include artistic integrity rather than participating in the current form of fast fashion. Eiríkur’s future plan is to hopefully make costumes for stage and film one day.

Ragnarök, B.A. Collection:

The aim of this collection is to make people more aware of the crucial and almost irreversible state our world is in. It will be inspired by several stanzas from the poem “Völuspá” from the Poetic Edda, which is one of the most important sources of Norse pagan mythology. It tells of how the world was created but most importantly how it will end and ultimately be rebirthed. Despite all of this, there is always the underlying notion that doom is pending. It will explore the light and beauty of nature but also the dark undertones of Ragnarök or the apocalypse. This will not be a traditional fashion collection with connecting similarities, but rather consisting of the stand-alone characters that are depicted in Völuspá and Ragnarök.