Dina Margherita Loy

Dina Margherita Loy - AMD Akademie Mode & Design

The World Is Yours – AMD Akademie Mode & Design

The World Is Yours is a collection which illustrates the synergy of our craving for admiration and our desire for self-realization. The initial inspiration was the movie Scarface which portrays the life of Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee who comes to Miami in the 1980s and becomes one of the most powerful and wealthy druglords of the United States. He‘s driven, persuasive and charismatic. He seems to be living the American Dream and is considered the epitome of ambition and confidence. Despite this portrayal of his character its‘s clear to see that all of his actions arised from a deep wish for acceptance and appreciation, which eventually leads him to feeling lonely and frustrated. He pushes everyone he once so desperately tried to impress away and feels like he cannot trust anyone in this world. The collection portrays the development of a character who used to care so much about what others thought that he almost lost himself along the way. Eventually he escapes this toxic way of thinking and develops a sense of self-reflection which comes from within and frees him of the desire to alter other people´s perception of him. The silhouettes of this collection were inspired by the atmosphere and aesthetics of the movie. A hedonistic way of life in Miami during the 1980s. The collection involves layering, leather, cut-outs, ruffles and prints. The use of leather and layering symbolises the outer shell, the character‘s protection. Cut-outs portray the outbreak from this shell and reveal the delicate fabrics and prints which were hidden underneath and depict the more fragile and sensitive side of the character. Each piece has a specific meaning and as a whole the collection visualises a process of self-realization. About me I’ve always felt drawn to the arts, which is why after graduating from the European School Of Luxembourg I moved to Berlin to study Fashion Design. Throughout my studies I’ve realised that what intrigues me the most, is the synergy of design and business. I was fortunate to learn how to express my thoughts and emotions creatively, as well as how to turn this creativity into a strategic business asset. During my PR-internship at KCD London I discovered ways of developing compelling brand stories and methods of showcasing a brand’s individuality. My next goal is to either work in an international environment or to enhance my economical knowledge by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Marketing or Brand Management.