Céline Witzke

Céline Witzke - AMD Akademie Mode & Design

GIRLS IN BOYS – AMD Akademie Mode & Design

’GIRLS IN BOYS‘ is a womenswear collection finding simplicity in men’s clothing, capturing the state of mind and power of the modern woman. Dressing like a man does not hide a woman‘s femininity, but rather enhances it. Inspired by the classic elements and cuts of the men‘s wardrobe, the female character and the feminine strength are to be emphasized and highlighted. It is precisely this strength, which was felt by women at the beginning of the 20th century, that this collection seeks to reflect. The classic masculine clothing elements are the focus of my designs. The men‘s jacket as a triangular shape provides a straight-line silhouette. Thus, trousers have given women not only legroom but also power and strength. The classic men’s briefcase has been reinterpreted and handmade of clay. In this collection, I worked exclusively with men‘s cuts and shapes to keep the masculine size and timelessness. The 3D-printed steel jewelry pieces underline these straight lines and minimal shapes. Good workmanship, materials of the highest quality and timeless designs, as well as the view and reinterpretation of the modern woman are key factors for my collection. It’s the details and the workmanship on what I set a very high value on. In my eyes well-made clothes deserve more than just a one-night-stand, I want to make a wardrobe that lasts forever.