Céline Witzke

Céline Witzke - AMD Akademie Mode & Design

GIRLS IN BOYS – AMD Akademie Mode & Design

GIRLS IN BOYS is a womenswear collection finding simplicity in men’s clothing, capturing the state of mind and power of the modern woman. Dressing like a man does not hide a woman‘s femininity, but rather enhances it. Inspired by the classic elements and cuts of the men‘s wardrobe, the female character and the feminine strength are to be emphasized and highlighted.


• Designerin: Céline Witzke (@celinewitzke) • Model: Mila Rabini (@milarabini, @amanagementde), Lilia Gude (@liliagude, @izaio.modelmanagement) • Fotografin: Jana Jenarin (@jana.jenarin) • Videograf: Jana Jenarin (@jana.jenarin) • Hair & MakeUp: Darja Crainiucenco (@dasch.c)