Rachel Sittig

Rachel Sittig - AMD Akademie Mode & Design

RISS - Beauty’s Beast – AMD Akademie Mode & Design

About Designer:

Rachel defines herself through her creative work and loves the variety, different fields and powerful message fashion communicates across cultures, time and borders. Besides studying she has acquired work experience, contributing to many projects based in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and Abu Dhabi. In 2019 she was Nominated for the “Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes” and shortlisted for the AMD STAGE award in 2022.

About collection:

Name: RISS – Beauty’s Beast

RISS reminds society that beauty can only exist in the context of its opposite

Worldwide and differentially according to social, cultural and age groups, beauty is subject to a system in which humans try to adapt and embody their ideal representation of themselves. Modern society’s ideals of beauty don’t tolerate any profoundness or imperfection, any faults, cuts or individualism – perfection rules. This women’s occasion wear collection is formed and inspired by the beauty systems which govern our society at this moment in time. However, it refuses to ignore the blemishes and flaws that inevitably accompany perfection and idealism.

The title, “RISS”, embodies the denial of beauty’s construct and itself is an inspiration for the fabric manipulation of the designs. As a reminder to the observer, that beauty can only exist in the context of its opposite, the looks’ main characteristics are RISS, rips, cut outs, fractures and disruption. It is these irregularities that stand symbolically for, and embrace, the beauty within everything.

The different techniques which illuminate the subject “RISS” are carefully finished and processed in a high quality and artistic way. As a creative project to the subject, they are mostly inspired by silhouettes, colours and materials, developed with detailed collage work, that stand out as the designer’s first step in approaching the collection. Targeted at a self confident, beauty, ageing and mortality obsessed society, the collection features six looks, comprised of twelve pieces of different product groups like; dresses, trousers, corsets, gloves and slips. Through the variety of techniques employed is the embodiment of the opposition to beauty’s existence – the crucial characteristics of destruction and decay. In the attempt of creating a sustainable collection, the materials are a combination of dead stock, faulty and off-cut materials that were partly acquired through an up cycling collaboration with the brand “&compliments”.

CREDITS – Design, Styling, Photography, Location: Rachel Sittig, Model: Georgia Sittig